Supply Chain 4.0 – How Digitalization is Redefining Supply Chains

Executive Huddle


In today’s connected world and the connected consumer, the application of digital is crucial to achieve cost effective and sustainable solutions that drive value for a company. Optimized real-time data driven information management can provide efficiencies and future focused insights that will deliver improved outcomes for the business, as well as an enhanced reputation through transparent supply chains and improved customer satisfaction.


Vincenzo Di Loreto
Global Operation Planning Director

Caroline GIDROL
Innovation Supply Chain Project Management

Phil Wilson
Supply Chain Director and Lean Six Sigma lead – Global Operations

Jean-François Salles
Supply Chain – Alliance Global Director


30th November 2021

All times are CET

10.00 – 10.05
Chairperson Welcome and Introduction
10.05 – 10.30
Connectivity throughout the supply chain for strategic visibility
  • Explore how best to increase the digital infrastructure of you supply chain to enable the collection of data points and effectively centralise this information to improve the speed and quality of tangible insights to improve customer value.
  • Discuss how to centralize the multiple facets and silos of your supply chain by exploring the challenges of multiple-layered systems and the standardisation of data, to improve visibility and drive innovations and strategic gains.
  • Learn how to maximize your business’ operational agility by consolidating your view of the entire end-to-end supply chain, thus improving your ability to isolate trends and potential risks to future operations and keep delivering what your customers demand.
10.30 – 10.55 
Anticipating Change and Shaping the Future with Supply Chain and Manufacturing
  • Discuss which digital developments and applications of data will enable your business to drive synchronised decision making and successes across the entire value chain.
  • Explore the core pillars for establishing a robust supply chain operation that enables resilience to shocks and speed to adapt to what the future holds for operations and patient demands.
  • Learn how to use your supply chain as a key performance enabler for the business, that provides a strong base for consistent delivery of expanded offerings and new products as they enter the market.
  • Re-imagine medicine by providing the manufacturing technology that enables breakthrough medical innovation.
10.55 – 11.20
Cloud adoptions in Supply Chain: Closing the tech gaps in your operations
  • Explore how the increase of cloud adoption can contribute to further build resilience into your supply chain’s infrastructure at a time where this is more essential than ever.
  • Discuss the roadmap to cloud computing and, through case studies and examples, explore the challenges that must be overcome within your operations to achieve success.
  • Assess the adoption of cloud across different global region, analysing the differences and extract learnings to improve your route to seamless cloud computing.
11.20 – 11.55
Panel Discussion – Digitalization and data-driven operations to power Supply Chain performance
  • Discuss the vision for digital improvements across supply chain operations and explore how the last 15 months has both justified strategy and investments in some areas and accelerated initiatives in others, to deal with disruption as effectively as possible.
  • Explore the crucial need to increase visibility across supply chain operations and discuss the challenges to maximizing connectivity that will enable the business to respond quickly to issues and shocks, building greater resilience into operations.
  • Learn how to most effectively bring multiple streams of a supply chain transformation together – from digital infrastructure developments, process efficiency analysis and workforce motivation – to create an environment where innovation and progress can flourish.
Chairperson Closing Comments
Huddle Close


  • ArkemaDirector SCM/Logistics
  • Audi AG Global Head of Supply Chain
  • CNH Industrial Vice President of Supply Chain – EMEA Region
  • DENSOSr. Manager Digital Supply Chain
  • Groupe PSA SCM performance VP , Digital Manufacturing
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